Carolyn Courtney Lauman, Local Author

Carolyn Courtney Lauman is an emerging author of mystery and suspense novels who has dreamed of writing fiction for as long as she can remember. Encouraged by her mother and countless teachers, Carolyn wrote for her high school and college newspapers, graduating from Shippensburg University (PA) with a degree in communications. Unfortunately, life - and a recession - intervened, and her writing career was put on hold for three-plus decades. During those intervening years, Carolyn achieved success in the fields of international business and interior design, but the strong desire to create amazing fiction never left her. When the opportunity to pick up her pen (really, her MacBook Air) finally arrived, she wasted no time in unleashing her creativity. Against Their Will, her first novel, was published in July, 2019. Carolyn lives in Southport, North Carolina, with her husband and three cats. She's currently working on her third novel, a sequel to Deceptive Waters.

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