1803 Soy Candles

1803 Candles started as a dream between a father and daughter team, working out of their garage in Illinois, and has grown into a growing and successful business. For over a year and a half, the duo worked hard to ensure they had the best quality soy candle to provide to the market. In 2006, 1803 Soy Candles was introduced to the world. 

Their focus has always been to produce a soy candle that is as fragrant when you burn it to the bottom as when you first opened the lid. The company has grown to include the founder's husband and daughters, ensuring the business stays within the family and remains Made in the USA. 

Candles have a burn time of 80 hours. 

Pamela's recommendation: Be sure to trim the wick each time prior to bring to ensure a low flame. Burn your candle for up to 4 hours at a time to create a "memory burn" for the soy--this allows the soy to burn evenly across the surface vs. tunneling down the wick, causing the fragrance to evaporate from the soy. 

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