Retail Support Program

With the changing times, we are very fortunate to have wonderful partnerships with our wholesale companies who believe in supporting small businesses like our own. They understand that with social distancing and stay-at-home orders now becoming the norm, they need to do their part in ensuring local economies are supported to withstand this trying time. 

Below is a list of companies offering drop-shipping services with links to their sites. As long as you provide the information listed for that company (each company is doing something different, such as using a certain code or using our store name), we will receive a portion of purchase price to support our business. 

Candle Warmers Etc.

The leader in the candle warming industry, this company was founded in 2001 when the owner discovered the dangers of lighting real candles--a neighbor's house was destroyed by an unattended candle. You can pick through a wide variety of candle warmers, melting tarts, and more. 

Each week a new promo will be offered, so be sure to check back every Monday for that week's new promo. Show your support for Cattail Cottage by using promo code RPD60 during check out.

Items will ship direct from Candle Warmers Etc. to your home.

Cardthartic Greeting Cards

Founded in 1992, Cardthartic creates "real-life messages" greeting cards for you to share with loved ones. Proudly printed in the USA using soy ink on recycled paper, some of the messages found on the cards are culled from notes and messages received from their very own "Cardies" (loyal customers like you). 

You can shop their over 700 designs printed on cards, boxed notes, magnets, art prints, and mini cards. While checking out, simply add our name in the "Provide Local Store Name" section on the Shipping Page to ensure we receive credit. 

Receive FREE Shipping on orders over $50. 

Items will ship direct from Cardthartic to your home.