Sit-N-Stay Good Dog Magnetic Non-Slip Cat Pet Bowl & Tray Set

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Does your dog love to make a mess while eating? Does he leave behind an area covered in dry dog food, puddles of water, or any combination of the two? 

Now, with our new sit-n-stay magnetic bowl & tray set, this issue is resolved! The set uses a combination of powerful magnets, a melamine tray, and steel enamel bowls for extra stability. When your dog makes a mess, it is all caught in the tray due to its half inch lip, leaving your floors nice and clean. The bottom of the tray has four non-slip rubber feet meaning the tray will stay in place no matter how much kitty pushes while eating his favorite meal. 

This tray set features the Good Dog design, a colorful mix of dogs, paw prints, bones, dog houses, and dog-related words. You can love this cute small non slip pet tray set!

Includes: 1 magnetic melamine tray, 2 steel enamel bowls, and 2 reseal-able plastic lids that are ideal for keeping leftovers fresh. Tray is easily rinsed off, and bowls are dishwasher secure.

Tray dimensions: 13.75″ long x 8.75″ wide x .74″ tall