Juniper Tree Blood Orange, Cedar, & Cardamom Glycerin Soap

Blood Orange, Cedar, & Cardamom Glycerin Soap

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Fresh market glycerin soaps handmade in Berkeley CA.

Using only the best ingredients, each bar of soap is made and designed specifically to infuse your skin with natural, clean products. Ingredients include a selection of dried botanicals, fragrance and essential oils, vegetable-based soap, and glitter. 

Please note that vegetable glycerin soaps will attract moisture. When humidity is high, glycerin soaps will sweat. It's best to keep your soap in a well-ventilated area, or at least in a room with A/C, and keep away from open doors and windows when humidity is high. However, if your soap does sweat, you can place the silicone packet that ships with your soap behind the soap while on display. 

Sweating soap is a pesky problem for sure, but the upside is that glycerin attracts moisture--and using glycerin soap attracts moisture to your skin! 

3.5 oz