1803 Candles Mistletoe Kisses Linen & Room Spray

1803 Candles Mistletoe Kisses Room Spray

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“On the way to see the Christmas village, Mama and Daddy stop under the mistletoe at the general store.”

A bold, holiday union of shimmering pine combined with bright red berries and touches of pine, this stunning scent of Mistletoe Kisses linen & room spray is an ideal selection for your treasured Christmas season. A beloved, seasonal fragrance through the years, Mistletoe Kisses is the essence of a frosty holiday spirit. Ideal for a Christmas present or to spoil yourself, Mistletoe Kisses linen & room spray will brighten your home well throughout the season.

Freshen your holiday home with another Fragrance without a Flame option in our linen & room sprays. Our linen & room sprays are safe to use on bedding, towels, and to freshen a room. Made with the same quality aromas and essential oils used in 1803 soy candles, linen & room sprays are made fresh-to-order. A simple present for someone special, or as a holiday treat for yourself, linen & room sprays are a simple way to freshen any space at any time. 

Linen & Room Spray Exclusive Features 
Aluminum Bottle 
Fragrance without a Flame 
Useable Virtually Anywhere Scent in Desired 
Available in All 1803 Scents 
Quick Solution to Freshen a Room 
Safe for Bedding and Towels 
Made in the United States