26"H Wyatt Green Stained Glass Window Panel

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Lavishing swirls! Inspired by one of our best-selling designs, this 26"H window panel features the same delicate ribbons, glass rosettes and marquee cabochons. This piece is crafted with high end ripple glass. The panel, made of 206 pieces of glass, 32 cabochons, and 3 hand-poured glass rosettes, is framed with a basket weave filigree. When placed in a window these panels come to light! They can be hung on a wall as well. Use it to create privacy without blocking the natural light. Swirling ribbons of glass radiate color and light throughout this baroque-inspired Tiffany-style window panel. Artfully crafted from 206 pieces of handcut stained glass, and accented by 32 radiant cabochons and 3 handpoured rosette stones. Each glass piece within the shade has been soldered together using the copper foil method made famous by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 1900s. Trimmed in laser cut metal filigree for an intricate border.

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