The Lyric Project - Lennon + McCartney - Studio M

Music is a powerful thing. It can fill your soul with joy, heal a deep heartache, or pilot a brief trip to the past. We are thrilled to introduce a very special new collection that brings music and artwork to life in an unexpected, vibrant, and beautiful way--this is The Lyric Project. 

The result of a special collaboration. this line of Art Poles seamlessly blends song and style. With brilliant lyrics by Lennon & McCartney and unique, bold artwork by Stephanie Burgess, each piece in the collection will bring brightness, life, and a bit of nostalgia to your space. 

About Stephanie Burgess: Every art pole in this collection is a state-of-the-art reproduction of a cedar post, wood-burned and hand-painted by Stephanie Burgess. Stephanie loves painting on wood and using its texture and imperfections as part of her composition--a knot becomes the sun, the natural grain its rays. Each piece of Stephanie's artwork is as unique as the wood it came from. 

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