Deceptive Affairs by Carolyn Courtney Lauman

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In Deceptive Affairs, local Southport author Carolyn Courtney Lauman reacquaints her readers with Mary Branson, the lead character in her mystery and suspense Deceptive series. Mary seems to always be wrapped up in some kind of mystery suspense drama. 


When the shockwaves from the gruesome murder of a Pennsylvania woman radiate south to coastal North Carolina, mystery writer Mary Branson finds herself indirectly involved via her best friend, the free-spirited Diana Forrester. Torn between a concern for Diana’s well-being and a desire to recoup her own stolen sense of security, Mary enlists the help of her reluctant husband, a former law enforcement officer, to keep Diana safe.
Frustrating their efforts, carefree Diana is blind to the risks of continuing her not-so-secret affair with the prime suspect. But, when a menacing stranger appears in town, and a second, more shocking crime takes place, is Mary, or any of the residents of Southport, safe?
Once again, the past and present collide in Southport, North Carolina, leaving the quaint, seaside village reeling in murder and intrigue. With twists and turns swirling in all directions, nothing about Deceptive Affairs is as it seems. Picking up where Against Their Will and Deceptive Waters left off, Carolyn Courtney Lauman’s latest tale will leave readers guessing until the very last page.


  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Carolyn Courtney Lauman
  • 5" x 8"

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