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Small businesses like Cattail Cottage are built on a strong foundation of customer support. It is because of customers like you that we were able to celebrate 13 years in business in August 2019. And it is also because of customers like you we will be able to make it to 14 years. 

Shopping small businesses during this crazy pandemic means you recognize our place in our community. And we would like to THANK YOU for supporting us. We want to give you 20% Off your purchase of our in-stock, in-store items. 

This collection features almost all of our in-stock, in-store items* (whereas anything else found in our online shop is provided via drop-shipping from our wholesale suppliers). And you get to receive 20% Off these items for a limited time! There's no special code to remember--just add to your cart and voila! Discount applied! 

Please enjoy your shopping. And, thank YOU for supporting small business

*Excludes local artists & authors.

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