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Local artist Dick Dunmire is a retired veteran of the US Coast Guard, having served 29 years. After high school, he completed an apprenticeship with an architecture prior to joining the USCG. Throughout Dick's adulthood, he continued with his artistic passion by self-training in fields that interested him, including ink & pen sketching, oil painting, charcoal, and dabbling in testing his abilities in drawing with the right side of the brain. He was the selected artist for the 200th anniversary of the USCG to design a commemorative lithograph available at their celebration in New Bern NC.

When he moved to the Southport area in 2008, he joined the artistic community and studied with trained impressionist painter Chappy Valente. Dick has honed his impressionist abilities and enjoys using oil on canvas in bringing some of his favorite NC scenes to life. His work has since expanded to include painting with vitreous and vitreal paints on both glass and wood.

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