Blessing Flower


The Blessing Flower is a graceful, rare, and resilient desert flower that amazingly continues to re-bloom for years, long after it has been set on jewelry. With just a few drops of water, it will bloom, staying open for an hour each time.

The re-blooming ability of the Blessing Flower is a part of the survival mechanism of the flower. It grows in the harshest conditions of the Judean Desert, with limited resources. Once a year the flowers bloom with yellow petals (resembling a yellow daisy). After a few months the petals dry, closing to protect the seeds. Every time water is present around the dry flower, the petals open, letting some of the seeds out, and closing to protect the rest, in a process that repeats itself for years.

The flower represents a powerful reminder that life is filled with blessings to be thankful for and no matter what challenges we are facing - we bloom again!


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